Driver facing multiple charges after impaired crash killed 2 in University City

CHARLOTTE (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — A person is struggling with numerous fees which include driving though impaired in a crash that killed two men and women on North Tryon Street in College City on Tuesday.

In accordance to CMPD, the crash happened just ahead of 9 p.m. in close proximity to the Terraces at College Spot Purchasing Middle. Investigators say 26-yr-outdated Thomas Nix was rushing in a 2017 Volkswagen Golfing GTi and found to be impaired soon after a head-on crash involving a 2011 Audi Q5 SUV.

Preliminary investigation displays that the Audi SUV pushed by 32-calendar year-aged Luke Drawdy was trying to transform still left on North Tryon Avenue from the browsing middle when Nix’s auto touring south in the still left lane struck the Audi on the driver aspect.

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Drawdy and his 35-yr-old passenger, Restin Drawdy, had been the two pronounced dead at the scene and were both equally putting on seatbelts when the crash transpired. Nix was transported to Atrium Health Carolinas Health-related Center by Medic with slight injuries. Nix’s automobile sustained heavy entrance-close destruction and was identified in a tree line. The Audi was uncovered with significant hurt stopped in the northbound lanes.

Nix has been charged with driving though impaired, and further warrants have been attained for two counts of felony dying by motor auto and reckless driving.

The investigation into the crash is ongoing.

If you have any info that could aid investigators, contact CMPD at (704) 432-2169 ext. 4 or depart an anonymous tip with CMPD CrimeStoppers at (704) 334-1600 or by clicking in this article.

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Concord Mills Mall flyover bridge opens just before Black Friday madness

(FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — The Concord Mills flyover bridge formally opened on Wednesday. The $10.2 million venture begun in 2018 and was opened appropriate before Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

For drivers in the place, it couldn’t have appear before long enough.

There is a trick to earning the best cappuccino, and a trick for staying away from design.

“Don’t belief the GPS, it from time to time sales opportunities you appropriate into visitors and in some cases you have bought to get a opportunity,” laughed Madison Haines.

The fantastic issue is, Madison is aware how to do equally.

“I’ve acquired what roads I want to acquire, what time of 12 months it’s going to hectic, just after a though it just gets next mother nature and you just learn what to do,” said Madison.

She performs at ‘Percantile & Creamery’ off of Concord Mills Boulevard, in close proximity to the shopping mall and all the building surrounding it.

For years, visitors has been a annoying mess in the space. Shopping mall site visitors backs up all the lanes of site visitors all all over the region.

“I try out to stay away from this spot at all charges and these days this can make it even even worse,” claimed Mike Boteilho.

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A handful of development workers watched a Concord Hearth truck travel down the bridge on Wednesday, the initially formal automobile on the highway.

Whilst Madison is delighted to see points open up up, she states she’ll stick with what she understands. Espresso and backroads.

“My coworkers will deliver out texts and reminders, like today’s Black Friday so go away your home previously, so we just make positive we’re all well prepared for that,” explained Madison.

While the bridge officially opened up Wednesday, there’s still a small bit of work to do on it. The complete undertaking is predicted to be carried out by Spring 2022.

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Ultimate Side Hustle: Trading the typical 9-5 job for OnlyFans

(FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Mass layoffs paired with a wave of resignations forced millions of Americans to rethink their careers. As an alternative to a 9-5 office job, some turned their living rooms into home offices for the ultimate side hustle.

Shortly before COVID hit the U.S., reports show OnlyFans had about 100,000 creators. Just two months ago, that number sky-rocketed to 1.5 million.

This time two years ago, Aly would be getting ready for her desk job as a banker, a life she describes as routine.

I would get up around 6-7, go to work at eight,” Aly said. “Then my weekends were just laundry and getting groceries done.”

Now, she works from her Winston-Salem home, no longer interacting with customers behind a desk but through a camera mounted on a ring light.

“I never saw myself doing this full time.  I think because initially I was worried about what people would think about me,” Aly said.

A year and a half after launching her OnlyFans, she gains between 500-1,000 new subscribers each month.  She said she has made enough money to pay off her debt, support herself financially, and travel.

“If you are working hard and you are putting in the work, maybe a few times a month, you don’t have to work every day,” Aly said. “The freedom is amazing.”

Like Aly, thousands of others looking for an alternative way to make money during the pandemic turned to the adult-entertainment platform.

“There are so many people interested.  I keep saying like eight out of 10 girls have an OnlyFans,” OnlyFans creator Samantha Gangewere said.

She joined shortly after the site launched in 2016, becoming one of the sites top creators.

“Really, I am working all of the time,” Gangewere said.

She now uses her success to train other new creators on how to grow their brand.

“I will give the girls what is trending and what’s viral at the moment and I will tell them what to do and how to do it,” Gangewere said. “Any girl under me is making really good money.”

Creators make their money two ways: subscription-based or one-time payments to view locked posts. OnlyFans takes 20% of either.

While the site’s minimum payment is five dollars, creators can make thousands in just weeks.

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“I have one guy who has spent $45,000 on me within the past year,” Gangewere said.

With a record number of entrepreneurs joining OnlyFans, the same goes for subscribers.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all that people will pay to feel connected to somebody else,” Associate Professor of Psychology at UNC-Charlotte Sara Levens said.

In August 2019, the site has seven million registered users.  It now exceeds 170 million.

Leaders at OnlyFans say the company pays out more than $200 million to creators each month.

Reports show on average, creators across the entire site make about $150 dollars a month.

“During this period of isolation, where people are seeking certainty, are seeking comfort, are seeking interaction.  If they find that with someone, then they are the ones that give a monetary value to that connection,” Levens said.

Experts say platforms like OnlyFans allow for deeper perceived connections compared to other social media sites because creators typically stick to a niche and interact directly with customers.

“At the time it was really popular during quarantine,” OnlyFans creator Joshua Masters said.

First gaining a following on TikTok for his quirky videos, Masters joined OnlyFans about six months ago.  Unlike the majority of creators on the site, he keeps his content PG-13.

“Whenever I am making content for OnlyFans, a lot of it is educational content based around different topics that people will request, whether it is kink-based things and making sure people are being safe with what they are doing or if it is going to be how to wrestle or how to do different swim stuff,” Masters said,

The Raleigh native quit his 9-5 job about two months in and uses his income from OnlyFans to pay rent and fund his entire college tuition.

“I am going into be an educator and teacher for the public school system, so having a past on OnlyFans just make people scratch their head a little bit,” Masters said. “Anytime I am putting out content, I think through it about 4 or five times, ‘OK, if a student found this account, how would I feel about a 14-year-old seeing this picture?”

In August, OnlyFans made an announcement that sent shockwaves across the adult-entertainment industry, saying it would be banning all sex-related content.

“That was really scary. Almost all of my girls, I got everyone onto a different platform just in case like as a backup, but we never left OnlyFans,” Gangewere said.

The decision was ultimately reversed, but creators say without OnlyFans there will always be a way for them to connect with viewers and make a profit off it.

“There is always going to be a platform for the things that I do and what other girls do, it’s just a matter of finding it,” Aly said.

She says despite some backlash, her friends and family have been supportive of her decision to join OnlyFans.

“I like to say once you start making the money and you start building your business that way, people can’t tell you anything.  They are not making the money for you,” Aly said. “I think a part of me would go back and be in corporate America and be like, ‘you know what, I don’t need this.”

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Trump says Rittenhouse met with him in Charlotte

(The Hill) – Former President Trump said in an interview late Tuesday that he met with Kyle Rittenhouse in Charlotte just days after the 18-year-old was acquitted of all charges in the fatal shooting of two protesters and the wounding of a third during demonstrations in Kenosha, Wis., last summer.

Trump told Fox News’s Sean Hannity that Rittenhouse had left his Mar-a-Lago estate “a little while ago” after asking to come visit the former president in Charlotte. Trump said Rittenhouse traveled to the club with his mother.

Trump also said Rittenhouse was “a nice young man” whom he “got to know” for a bit, before defending the teenager.

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“I have to say Kyle — Kyle I got to know him a little bit. He called. He wanted to know if he could come over and say hello because he was a fan, unlike the other guy. He came over with his mother, really a nice young man and what he went through, he should — that was prosecutorial misconduct,” Trump told Hannity.

The former president said Rittenhouse “should not have had to suffer through a trial” for his actions, suggesting that the then-17-year-old fired in self-defense.

“He should not have had to suffer through a trial for that. He was going to be dead. If he didn’t pull that trigger, that guy that put the gun to his head, in one quarter of a second, he was going to pull the trigger, Kyle would have been dead,” Trump said.

“He’s a really good young guy. He’s 18 years old,” he added.

A jury found Rittenhouse not guilty of all three charges against him on Friday, putting an end to the trial that caught national attention after the teenager fatally shot Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, and injured Gaige Grosskreutz, then 26.

Trump congratulated Rittenhouse shortly after the jury read its verdict on Friday, adding “if that’s not self defense, nothing is!”

Rittenhouse’s trial drove a political wedge in the country, with many Republicans, including Trump, arguing that the teenager was justified in his actions.

Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn (N.C.) last week said he offered Rittenhouse an internship.

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Grandmother, teen who accidentally met over text sharing 6th Thanksgiving

PHOENIX, Ariz. (WIAT) — What started off as a text to the mistaken quantity has become a tradition six yrs running.

In 2016, Wanda Dench despatched a text concept to somebody she imagined was her grandson about his Thanksgiving programs. In truth, Dench experienced unintentionally texted Jamal Hinton, who was 17 at the time.

Hinton acquired the message whilst sitting in his superior university course, noted sister station WXIN, and jokingly questioned if he could appear together in any case.

“I reported, ‘Sure you can.’ That is what grandmas do – they feed most people,” Dench informed NBC affiliate KPNX at the time.

After Hinton posted the text information on Twitter, the tale went viral and a holiday custom was born.

This 7 days, Hinton confirmed that he and Dench were preparing to spend their sixth Thanksgiving collectively.

Previous year, each Dench and her partner, Lonnie, ended up diagnosed with COVID-19. When Dench recovered, her partner died thanks to troubles from pneumonia and the virus.

Dench nevertheless invited Hinton about for Thanksgiving in 2020, conceding that the calendar year experienced been difficult but introducing that it “was genuinely essential to me” to keep on the accidental tradition.

A picture of Lonnie Dench was put at the desk with a lit candle, WXIN claimed.

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Concord Mills flyover set to finally open Wednesday

Harmony, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – The very long-awaited new entrance into Concord Mills Mall is established to open Wednesday afternoon, just in time for Black Friday browsing, in accordance to the North Carolina Section of Transportation.

Officers explained the two-lane flyover bridge will connect Harmony Mills Boulevard to Kings Grant Pavilion, creating it the initially most important entrance to the mall from I-85.

NCDOT stated the new addition must make improvements to traffic flow into the shopping mall and together the roadway.

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Transportation officers mentioned the contractor will nonetheless be on-internet site to total a variety of matters together with sign get the job done, placement of ultimate pavement markings and over-all cleanup.

The total undertaking is predicted to be done in spring 2022. NCDOT stated drivers really should use caution and leave additional time to get used to the new visitors sample.

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Woman believed to be world's oldest person dies at 124

(NEXSTAR) – A Filipino woman believed to be the oldest particular person in the world has died at age 124.

Lola Francisca Susano died early Monday night, in accordance to the town of Kabankalan, in the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines.

“It is with disappointment in our heart when we been given the news that our beloved Lola Francisca Susano passed away,” the metropolis government posted on Facebook. “Her formal declaration as the oldest man or woman in the environment at 124 years outdated is now validated by the Guinness World Documents.”

CNN Philippines described that her trigger of death has nevertheless to be established, according to metropolis community facts officer Jake Carlyne Gonzales, who stated Susano will be examined for COVID-19 on Tuesday however she reportedly was not demonstrating any signs or symptoms of the virus.

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Susano was born on Sept. 11, 1897, just before the Philippines received its independence from Spanish rule, CNN Philippines noted.

Town officers, together with Mayor Pedro Zayco, Jr. and Vice Mayor Raul Rivera, and “all the people of Kabankalan Town condole and pray with the loved ones of Lola Iska in their period of bereavement,” the metropolis wrote in the submit.

“Lola Iska will usually remain as our inspiration and pride,” the submit read through.

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5 tips to get a tastier Thanksgiving turkey this year

(WGHP) — Turkey.

Love it or hate it, turkey is going to be the focal point of many folks’ diets for the next few days. Knowing how to properly cook your holiday bird can make or break your holiday experience. No one wants to serve the turkey that their family is talking about for years for all the wrong reasons.

If you bought a frozen turkey, hopefully it’s already in your refrigerator thawing out. If it’s not, go and grab that right now! I’ll wait! Please don’t leave it sitting out on the counter to thaw out, though.

Thawing should only be done in the refrigerator, or under a steady stream of cold water if you’re pressed for time. Sitting out at room temperature or being thawed with warm water is inviting bacteria to the party, and the only unwelcome guests you want at your party are your in-laws!

All that out of the way, here are some tips and tricks that could help take your turkey from bland to glam.

Homemade roasted Turkeys for Thanksgiving with spice on the table, Top view (Getty)

Invest in a thermometer

Relying on the pop-out indicator that came with your turkey is a surefire way to get a dry bird. A kitchen thermometer is essential to proper poultry production. You want to cook turkey to an internal temperature of 165 Fahrenheit. The pop-out thermometer included in turkeys is not as accurate as a properly calibrated proper kitchen thermometer.

A probe thermometer that can be left in the turkey for the entire cook is an easy, no-hassle way to keep an eye on the temperature without having to open the oven over and over again. Place the probe in the thickest part of the breast of the bird and go about your day until the thermometer beeps.

If you have a regular thermometer, just check your bird starting within the last half-an-hour of your recommended cooking time (for example, if you have a 14-pound bird, the recommended cooking time would be roughly 2.5-3 hours, so start checking the temperature in the breast and stuffing at around the 2-hour mark.)

The turkey will be done when the thickest part of the breast reaches an internal temperature of 165. If your turkey is stuffed, you need to use the thermometer to make sure the center of the stuffing has also gotten to 165. If the stuffing is not also 165 degrees in the center, continue cooking the turkey until it is. It should cook at the same pace as the breast, but you don’t want a perfectly cooked turkey with salmonella riddled stuffing, so always double-check it.

Mother and daughter cooking together in kitchen (Getty)

Dunk that bird

If you haven’t already brined your turkey, finish reading this section and go assemble your brine. 24 hours is the right window for a good brine to impart flavor and moisture.

Brine is traditionally a saltwater solution used to flavor something.

Brines are quick and easy: mix together about a gallon of water (you can also use vegetable stock in your brine if you’re feeling fancy,) about 1 cup of salt, 1/2 cup of sugar, a large handful of whole peppercorns and other whole spices of your choosing, and a few cloves of garlic. If that doesn’t seem like enough for the size of your turkey, add more water and other ingredients proportionately. Boil all of this together for about five minutes. Add a few sprigs of a hardy herb like thyme or rosemary near the end of the boiling, right before you take it off the heat.

Once it’s no longer boiling, fill a large metal bowl with ice. Dump the hot brine into the bowl of ice.

Allow the brine to cool fully before pouring it over your turkey in a large container. If it doesn’t cover enough of your turkey, you can make another batch of brine. It doesn’t need to be swimming it in, just mostly covered.

A brine will open up the protein structures of the turkey, allowing for more internal moisture retention, as well as imparting flavor deeper into the meat.

For the crispiest skin…

Despite the fact that I just told you to submerge your bird in a saltwater bath, you’re going to have to dry this turkey out a little if crispy skin is on the menu.

Take your turkey out of the oven with a few hours to spare before you actually start cooking. If you have a metal cooling rack that fits into a sheet pan, set your bird on that and let it drip dry in the fridge. Keep it on the bottom shelf with nothing around it to avoid cross-contamination. Pat it dry with paper towels before you season it.

Airflow is a big thing for crispier skin, too. Pulling the skin away from the meat of the bird gently without tearing it or removing it (with a gloved hand or a flexible rubber spatula) creates a gap that encourages airflow. You can also stuff herbs between the skin and the bird for an even more flavorful turkey. Sage, thyme or rosemary work great for this.

Rubbing oil across the outside of the skin will help with skin crispiness as well. I recommend a high smoke point oil like avocado oil or sunflower oil. Don’t use too much, because it will get greasy, but brush it lightly across the skin.

An easy way to get crisp skin is to crank your oven all the way up to its highest setting (for a conventional oven that’ll typically be in the 400-500 degree range) and cook the turkey on high for the first 20-30 minutes of cook time. Then lower the oven to 350 and continue cooking as normal.

Flat lay overhead view herb and spices in vintage silver plate on textured black background. (Getty)

Seasonings Greetings!

If you do nothing else, please put salt and pepper on your turkey.

If you’re coating the skin with a thin layer of oil, sprinkling on your choice of seasonings after that will provide greater adhesion and more flavor. Salt and pepper are classic and necessary, but consider adding a bit of fennel to the party. Smoked paprika, ground sage and red pepper flakes are also always welcome.

Seasonings go beyond just the actual seasonings to the whole flavor profile of the bird, too. Your stuffing can be jazzed up with whole garlic cloves or slices of apple stuffed inside the bird as well.

The most tender, crispy-skin having turkey on the planet will mean nothing if it’s bland. Reach for the salt. Dietary restrictions notwithstanding, the average person always underestimates the amount of salt needed to make something taste good, so be generous!

Turkey (Getty)

Let it rest

Resting meat is the bane of every hungry kid on Thanksgiving’s existence. We all know it. But it isn’t a myth. Take that turkey out of the oven (once the stuffing and breast has reached 165 degrees internally) and leave it alone. Don’t even take the thermometer out, if it’s still in the meat. Let that bird sit while you get other dishes in order. At least 15 minutes, no one touches the turkey.

Once you’ve moved the turkey away from the roasting pan, then you can use all the drippings and leftovers for an out-of-this-world gravy, too.

A bonus tip: if you are frying your turkey, you have to make sure that the bird is fully thawed and completely dry. A lot of fryer incidents at home are caused by cold water being introduced to hot oil.

So go forth and enjoy your festivities!

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Country Time, Kool-Aid, other drink mixes recalled for possible contamination

(WTAJ) — Several brands of powdered drinks have been voluntarily recalled by Kraft Heinz in the United States due to the potential presence of metal and glass, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Select code dates of Country Time Lemonade, Tang, Arizona Tea powdered beverages and limited Kool- Aid powdered beverages that have a used by date between May 10, 2023, and Nov. 1, 2023, are being voluntarily recalled.

The FDA said the issue was first discovered during an internal review at the manufacturing facility. Anyone who purchased the following items should either discard them or return them to the store where it was purchased:

Product Size Name of Product Individual Package Best Before Date Individual Package UPC
73 oz Arizona Arnold Palmer 08/05/23 through 09/10/23 043000086643
82.5oz Country Time Lemonade 8/6/2023 through 10/22/23 043000928608
63 oz Country Time Lemonade 8/8/2023 through 9/6/23 043000082195
58.9 oz Tang Orange 8/11/2023 through 10/04/23 043000082171
63oz. Kool- Aid Tropical Punch 8/12/2023 through 9/22/23 043000082164
82.5oz. Kool- Aid Tropical Punch 8/18/2023 through 9/22/23 043000957400
82.5oz Kool-Aid Tropical Punch 8/17/2023 through 10/05/23 043000957400
82.5oz Country Time Pink Lemonade 8/20/2023 through 9/27/23 043000928615
82.5oz Country Time Pink Lemonade 8/20/23 043000928615
82.5oz Country Time Pink Lemonade 9/17/23 043000928615
72 oz Tang Orange 8/21/2023 through 9/20/23 043000032268
72 oz Tang Orange 8/22/2023 through 9/28/23 043000032268
82.5 oz 82.5Z Country Time HLF&HLF 34 QT/6 8/24/23 043000046012
82.5 oz Kool- Aid Tropical Punch 8/31/2023 through 10/06/23 043000957400
63 oz Country Time Pink Lemonade 9/6/2023 through 9/7/23 043000082188
63 oz Kool-Aid Strawberry Cherry 10/2/23 043000082201
20 oz Kool- Aid Raspberry Lemonade 8/5/2023 through 10/18/23 043000954072
20 oz Tang Orange 8/6/2023 through 10/23/23 043000032275
20 oz Tang Orange 5/15/2023 through 10/22/23 043000032275
19 oz Kool-Aid Cherry 8/9/23 043000953532
18 oz Tang Guava Pineapple 8/13/23 043000064511
19 oz Country Time Lemonade 8/11/2023 through 09/11/23 043000951170
19 oz Country Time Pink Lemonade 8/30/2023 through 9/13/23 043000951149
19 oz Kool- Aid Tropical Punch 6/12/2023 through 10/20/23 043000953501
19 oz 19Z Countrty Time HALF&HALF 8QT/12 9/13/2023 through 9/14/23 043000046005
19oz Kool-Aid Tropical Punch 8/31/2023 through 10/19/23 043000953501
19 oz Kool-Aid Strawberry 10/18/2023 through 10/19/23 043000953556
6.7 oz Country Time “on the go” Lemonade 10 pack 9/20/2023 through 10/04/23 43000010983
6.6 oz Kool -Aid Tropical Punch “on the go” 10 pack 10/19/2023 through 11/01/23 043000023464
63oz. 63oz Kool- Aid Twin pack Tropical Punch 8/16/2023 through 8/17/23 043000089712
29 oz Country Time Lemonade 12 qt 8/10/23 043000951194
116oz. Country Time Powdered Soft Drink Sugar Sweetened
Lemonade, pack of 4
5/10/2023 through 8/10/23 043000075388
19 oz Country Time Lemonade Drink Mix, 6 pack case 6/20/2023 through 8/12/23 043000951170
2.4 kg Country Time Original Lemonade 9/15/23 661880533800
2.2 kg Tang Orange 8/20/2023 through 8/21/23 661880575900
82.5 oz EXPORT 82.5Z SSKA TROP PNCH 6 8/18/23 4300001464
20 oz EXPORT 20Z TANG ORNG 6QT 12 8/9/23 430000322700
19 oz EXPORT 19Z KA CHRY SS 8QT KOREA EXP 12 8/8/2023 through 8/9/23 430000341600
19 oz EXPORT 19Z CT HALF&HALF 8QT/12 9/14/23 430000460000
82.5 oz EXPORT 82.5Z CT HLF&HLF 34 QT/6 8/24/23 430000460100
19 oz EXPORT 19Z SSKA TROP PNCH 12 9/5/2023 through 9/6/23 430009535000

“No other sizes, varieties or code dates of Country Time Lemonade, Kool-Aid, Arizona Tea, Tang or other powdered beverages, ready-to-drink beverages or Kraft Heinz products are included in this recall,” the FDA said.

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‘Armed and dangerous’ man wanted for murder of woman in north Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Detectives are asking for support acquiring a male wished for the murder of a 40-year-old girl located dead in north Charlotte previous month.

According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Section, 37-calendar year-old Ja’Meil Robert Lynwood Catlett is accused of killing Eileen Rosado on Oct 20.

Rosado was located dead when officers responded to a report of gunshots in close proximity to the 1400 block of Spring Street just north of Uptown, not far from Walter G. Byers Elementary.

The elementary faculty was briefly placed on a modified lockdown at the time of the shooting.

 Police officials mentioned Catlett ought to be regarded as armed and harmful.

Anyone who has information on the place he may perhaps be located is requested to get in touch with 911 straight away or depart an nameless idea with Crime Stoppers.

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