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Is the Charlotte NC Media Guide Fitting For Its Job?

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The author of a recent article on the Charlotte NC media guide used an inappropriate analogy comparing the city to a banana. I thought he went a little overboard, to be fair, and he did apologize for the poor analogy. However, the implications of his comparison have left me scratching my head in confusion and wondering just how anyone could make such a comment. So, does this mean the Charlotte NC media guide is an unfit resource for civic leaders and elected officials?

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Well, the author didn’t stop there, apparently, in his editorial board article he also compared the Charlotte NC media guide to the newspaper from Colorado Springs, Colorado, another example of a bad piece of writing. It’s hard to say whether or not the comparisons are unfair, and it seems more than possible that both sources do a poor job of identifying their cities with accuracy. But if you care about the accuracy of your local information sources, surely you don’t want your mayor and city councilmen make careless mistakes when presenting themselves to the public. If they do make mistakes, they should correct them, not run away from the responsibility of correcting those mistakes.

When we compare newspapers, magazines, and other forms of media, the mistake most often made is an over-reliance on “fluff” to fill the information provided. A piece may have great importance, but it can be filled with meaningless fluff and never provide any real information that can help you make an informed decision. Unfortunately, the end result is a bunch of fluff articles that provide no value to the reader. This doesn’t mean that the Charlotte NC media guide is not the right source for important information, but the people involved should understand that they are giving you information, not taking you to task to prove your point.

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