Lawsuit: Strawberry Pop-Tarts don't contain enough strawberries

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(WJW) – A lawsuit submitted from Kellogg’s claims the way the enterprise marketplaces its strawberry Pop-Tarts is deceptive.

Anita Harris is suing the breakfast food items giant, alleging the fruit filling in Kellogg’s Full Grain Frosted Strawberry Toaster Pastries is mostly other fruits, numerous reviews say. The product’s nutrition label really displays the pastries are heavier on pears and apples than strawberries, experiences TMZ.

In the lawsuit, Harris claims crimson coloring in the Pop-Tarts provides “the fake impression” they contain far more strawberries than they essentially do.

And for that, she claims the damages exceed $5 million. She also wishes to see Pop-Tarts labeled additional precisely.

“Whether a toaster pastry consists of only strawberries or just some strawberries … is essential front label info people rely on when earning speedy decisions at the grocery retail outlet,” the lawsuit, attained by United states Now, reads. “Strawberries are the Product’s characterizing ingredient … (individuals) think they are existing in an volume greater than is the case.”

Kellog’s explained to The Hill it is not commenting on the pending lawsuit.

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