Panthers fans in South Carolina react to Cam Newton's return

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ROCK HILL, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — The Carolina Panthers may perhaps play in Charlotte, but the workforce spirit can be felt in South Carolina.

With the information of Cam Newton returning to the spot where by it all started, some enthusiasts could be heading out to get new gear.

“Panthers cards have generally been well-known below, of course,” said Josh DeStefano, owner of Grand Slam Playing cards in Rock Hill.

DeStefano claims there are lots of former and current Panthers playing cards that are common, which includes Newton’s.

“Cam Newton cards, when Cam was participating in and successful, common,” he said.

He says you will find a great Panthers trustworthy that follow them and store at his shop.

“I know numerous individuals are psyched to have him back. My social media was filled with it nowadays so everyone’s enthusiastic”

But no a person is much more excited than 1 of Cam Newton’s biggest enthusiasts, Campbell Long.

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“I bought home from faculty and my mother was like “I have some thrilling information for you” and I was like “oh gosh.” And my mother gave me the cellphone and it started participating in and I have by no means found him devoid of his helmet on and I was like “who is that?” and when he was walking out like to the stadium, I saw his jersey, and I pretty much cried,” Very long claimed.

Decked out in Panthers equipment, the 9-year-outdated says she’s been a admirer due to the fact she was at minimum five.

“He is just a superior player and a good human being.”

And she loves Cam so a lot that she would like to be a soccer participant just like him.

“Oh my gosh, I enjoy soccer all the time. I wanted to be the to start with female in the NFL for a lengthy time,” she reported. 

As she sat in her Cam Newton Superbowl 50 jersey, she thought about what his return intended to her.

“It can be just… since we truly want him. Our goal this yr is to get to the playoffs. If we retain profitable the online games in the playoffs because of him, we may well get to the Super Bowl. And that’s what I seriously want. I have often needed to see them in the Super Bowl and gain the Super Bowl. Welcome back again Cam Newton!”

Extensive and her family are Panthers season ticket holders and they sit correct in the middle of the endzone. She states just one of her goals is to be there when Newton scores a landing and then offers her the ball.

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