Piedmont Airlines flight attendants demanding higher wages, union leaders say they've hit a standstill

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CHARLOTTE (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Piedmont Airlines flight attendants protested in front of Charlotte Douglas Worldwide, demanding increased wages. The Affiliation of Flight Attendants Union is at present in contract negotiations with Piedmont but union leaders say they’ve hit a standstill. 

Union staff say, on typical, regional flight attendants are compensated 45% a lot less than mainline attendants.

“We just want to be equipped to reside suitable now. As it is, we can not afford to do the job listed here,” said Lily Turpin, Flight Attendant with Piedmont Airlines.

Turpin reported the base pay back for a new regional flight attendant at Piedmont is all around $16,000 dollars a calendar year.

“A lot of the new brand name new flight attendants at that wage, they are experienced for foodstuff stamps, housing assistance. I know several years in the past, just before many contracts with mainline, they experienced food stuff financial institutions that like the older flight attendants would established up for the more youthful flight attendants and ops so that they would be ready to consume,” mentioned Charles Starks, a flight attendant at American Airways.

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Some 130 flight attendants function for the Piedmont foundation at CLT.

“We are going through contract negotiations also. So we are sort of a step behind them. So everything that’s they are dealing with, I know we are heading to be working with, you know, in the in close proximity to future. So we’re heading to come support help them so that hopefully they’re going to arrive and aid assistance us in the upcoming,” Starks said.

Piedmont issued the adhering to statement:

“We are committed to finding a competitive deal negotiated for our much more than 350 Piedmont Flight Attendants. We have the most expert Flight Service gurus in the business, and Piedmont is a leader in security and functionality because of their attempts. We are in arrangement our team customers deserve the greatest agreement and we are dedicated to providing that to them. We glance ahead to obtaining back to negotiations in December.”

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