Suspect in Rock Hill attempted sex assault investigation now in custody

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ROCK HILL, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — A suspect who law enforcement say tried to rape a woman off Automall Parkway on Monday evening has been caught.

Rock Hill Police and York County Sheriff’s Place of work investigators verified the news to FOX 46 on Tuesday evening just right before 7:30 p.m. Specifics about the suspect’s identity, prices, and where by they ended up located have been not quickly furnished but are forthcoming.

In accordance to Rock Hill law enforcement, a female was going for walks together the road on Automall Parkway close to 10 pm on Monday night. Investigators wrote that the woman noticed the person adhering to her, they obtained into a combat, and he tried to pull her into the woods. According to the report, the woman was capable to get her gun and commence taking pictures at the gentleman before he took off.

Law enforcement explained this is not the only tried rape in the space. On September 7th, a girl documented that a person exposed himself to her and tried out to pull her into the woods.

She was in a position to get absent. Law enforcement mentioned they are making an attempt to determine out if the two conditions are related.

This is a developing tale. Remain tuned to FOX 46 Information and FOX46.com for the hottest updates as they become accessible.

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ROCK HILL, SC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Rock Hill police are now wanting for a guy, who they say, tried to rape a female off Automall Parkway on Monday night.

Law enforcement introduced surveillance movie from the location. The video clip shows a man strolling along with the street and then jogging.

In accordance to Rock Hill police, a lady was walking together the street on Automall Parkway around 10 pm on Monday evening. Investigators wrote that the lady observed the gentleman adhering to her, they got into a combat, and he tried to pull her into the woods. According to the report, the girl was equipped to grab her gun and start off shooting at the guy prior to he took off.

Police claimed this is not the only tried rape in the location. On September 7th, a woman claimed that a male exposed himself to her and attempted to pull her into the woods.

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She was able to get away. Law enforcement said they’re striving to determine out if the two cases are linked.

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