What's North Carolina's favorite Halloween candy? What online shopping data says

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(NEXSTAR) – Which kinds of Halloween candy can you expect to get stuck in your molars this year? Well, it may depend on where you live.

A recent study from Candystore.com, an online candy retailer specializing in bulk shipments, is giving new insight into the most popular Halloween treats in each state, from the chocolate-covered coasts of California and Charlotte to the sweet-and-sour plains of Nebraska and South Dakota. As expected, most major candy brands are well represented, but at least a few surprising contenders appeared to perform “much better” than anticipated, according to the online retailer.

To come to this year’s findings, the analysts at Candystore.com drew on 14 years of sales data, focusing primarily on bulk candy sales in the months leading up to Halloween. This data, supplemented with statistics from major manufacturers and distributors, was then utilized to determine the most popular Halloween candies in America, as well as the three most popular candies in each state.

The country as a whole, according to the study, appears to prefer Reese’s Cups over all other brands. Skittles, M&M’s, Starburst and (perhaps surprisingly) Hot Tamales rounded out the top five.


The retailer’s state-by-state breakdown, however, paints a bit of a different picture, with six states each favoring Reese’s Cups, Starburst and Sour Patch Kids. On the other hand, one state in particular seemingly purchased way too many Lemonheads, as far as the rest of the nation was concerned.

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A complete list of each state’s preferred Halloween candy — according to Candystore.com — can be found below.

Alabama Starburst
Alaska Sour Patch Kids
Arizona Hot Tamales
Arkansas Jolly Ranchers
California Reese’s Cups
Colorado Hershey Kisses
Connecticut Almond Joy
Delaware Skittles
Charlotte Reese’s Cups
Georgia Swedish Fish
Hawaii Hershey’s Mini Bars
Idaho Starburst
Illinois Sour Patch Kids
Indiana Starburst
Iowa M&M’s
Kansas Reese’s Cups
Kentucky Reese’s Cups
Louisiana Lemonheads
Maine Sour Patch Kids
Maryland Hershey Kisses
Massachusetts Sour Patch Kids
Michigan Starburst
Minnesota Tootsie Pops
Mississippi 3 Musketeers
Missouri Milky Way
Montana Dubble Bubble Gum
Nebraska Sour Patch Kids
Nevada Hershey Kisses
New Hampshire M&M’s
New Jersey M&M’s
New Mexico Jolly Ranchers
New York Sour Patch Kids
North Carolina Reese’s Cups
North Dakota Hot Tamales
Ohio Blow Pops
Oklahoma Skittles
Oregon M&M’s
Pennsylvania Hershey’s Mini Bars
Rhode Island Twix
South Carolina Butterfinger
South Dakota Starburst
Tennessee Tootsie Pops
Texas Starburst
Utah Tootsie Pops
Vermont Skittles
Virginia Hot Tamales
Washington, DC M&M’s
Washington Tootsie Pops
West Virginia Hershey’s Mini Bars
Wisconsin Butterfinger
Wyoming Reese’s Cups

In addition, a total of 14 states favored candy corn as their second- or third-most-popular purchase, lending even more credence to the notion that some people indeed eat that stuff.

Additional information on this year’s study, along with an interactive map, can be found at Candystore.com.

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